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Naturopathy also called as Naturopathic Medicine, is a medical system Indian Systems of Medicine, under which is an eclectic composition of a huge array of drugless healing modalities which are practiced on the basis of the fundamental principles strongly emphasizing the potential of the natural inherent healing capacity of human body. This comprises various therapeutic modalities like Hydrotherapy, Mud Therapy, Manipulative Therapy, Therapeutic Fasting, Reflexology, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Natural Dietetics, Yoga and its Applied aspects, Lifestyle Modification, Physiotherapy, Applied aspects of Psychology and Counselling Techniques.

Naturopathy promotes the body to rejuvenate and recover by facilitating its own healing capacity by providing and enabling a favourable internal mechanism in the physical and mental sphere. It also educates and empowers individuals to make lifestyle changes necessary for the best possible health.

This professional academic program on Naturopathy provides a rigorous, systematic training based on well planned course curriculum, comprehensive clinical training and ground breaking workouts in applied aspects well oriented with research methodology. The program produces doctors, who are ensured of a well respected, nationally recognized degree in Naturopathic Medicine, who are well prepared for successful career supported by our in depth clinical training module coupled with a strong basic medical sciences curriculum. This ensures the consistency in their capacity to formulate effective and personalized treatment plans for patients as well make them resonate with their core values. i.e. a strong belief in natural healing and owning up responsibility for personal health.

We are training physicians for the future medicine having a serious commitment to contribute towards the globally accepted concept of integrative holistic healthcare.

Our Vision

TMCNYS is committed to emerge as center of excellence in creating and disseminating knowledge and providing students a unique learning experience in medicine, ethical biomedical research and compassionate clinical care of highest quality in Naturopathy and Yoga.

Our Mission

To be a premier medical institute for development of next generation of nature cure phsysicians and to transform health and healthcare practices based on lifestyle management,naturopathy and yoga practices


Our Campus Facilities


Studying at TMCNYS means you are studying at a world class lively campus. TMCNYS has ensured to foster technologies into teaching that the students get an unhindered view of the faculty and teaching aids from all sides. It makes learning and teaching more effective and efficient.

  1. Transport Facility
  2. Recreational Facility
  3. Medical Facility
  4. Hostel Facility
  5. The college provides a huge collection of reference books and an equally large collection of books for reading for all the subjects. The wide range of publications for each subject is ensured for reference.