About Us

About Institution

Naturopathy is a scientific and holistic system of man building in harmony with constructive principle of nature, stimulating the body’s inherent power to regain health and treating disease with the help of five great elements on nature. Naturopathy aims at 3 levels of intervention i.e, PRVENTIVE, PROMOTIVE AND CURATIVE aspects of health with a view to prevent and cure diseases by removing and preserve the idea of positive health.

Naturopathy and Yoga helps to regain and maintain health. The patients needs to sacrifice and strictly follow natural principles even after going back home. Naturopathy is not just a treatment but a way of life. An inspiration behind its establishment. The Institute is a pioneer in its field in that it has been able to successfully evolve as a drugless therapy by combining the two most powerful curative tools of ancient India, Naturopathy and Yoga, to fight a host of diseases. Simultaneously, it has been able to offer a natural way of life, which paves the way to attain physical, mental and emotional health from within one's own self.

In the campus itself nature has been recreated in its gardens, parks, lawns, and flowering plants. Beautiful fountains, fresh and unpolluted breeze and chirping of birds make one forget the din and bustle of urban mundanity. In addition, other drugless treatment modalities like acupuncture and physiotherapy are also taken as treatment aids.As regards diagnosis, modern scientific equipments and treatment aids

Academic Coursework

This BNYS program produces doctors of Naturopathic Medicine. Hence the academic program has been developed to ensure that students have the opportunity to build a strong foundation and to demonstrate competency in each major modality, including Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy, Natural Dietetics, Fasting Therapy, Acupuncture, mind/body medicine involving Yoga and Physical Medicine. Laboratory classes include dissection of cadavers, physical exams, palpation, manipulation, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, microbiology, histology, preparation of natural diet using herbs, and the use of simulation models. Didactic classes include traditional and adult learning classroom teaching methods, group projects, and experiential coursework.

Academic Support

Student Mentoring Program - Tutors provide one-on-one tutoring in a structured environment, helping with specific course content, study skills, time-management, and general advice for students struggling with the intensity of the program. This includes oversight of orientation, scheduling, and communication between tutors, students and faculty.

Directed Skill Development in Laboratory

The Directed Skill Development in Laboratory is a concept that supports and advances the safe and effective clinical skills development of students through directed laboratory learning experiences. This supports the development of the professional standards necessary for students to become competent and effective naturopathic physicians. Students are allowed to participate in active skill development in each specific modality. Modalities to be covered include manipulative therapies, acupuncture needling, hydrotherapy and first aid techniques.

Clinical Skills Development

The Clinical Skills Development by postings in various Hospitals on rotation is facilitated to support and advance clinical skills development in conjunction with physical diagnosis, clinical assessment and clinical sciences courses and clinical rotations. Prior to entering the clinic, students have the opportunity to develop and practice their clinical skills in the labs by using simulation models that represent numerous body systems, to include pulmonary, cardiac, genitourinary, gynecology etc. This program is conducted designed to develop clinical students in the areas of case taking, physical exams, case analysis, charting, differential diagnosis, diagnostic work up, treatment plan, and patient interaction. The lab offers an opportunity for faculty to refer students for remediation or additional practice in developing specific clinical skills.

Scope Of Practice

The legal aspects of practicing naturopathic medicine vary by state in India. However, BNYS graduates are licensed to practice following the State Government Registration under Class 'A' Medical Practitioners. This registration is provided by the Department of AYUSH by the respective State Government.

Unique Features

This professional academic program (BNYS) on Naturopathy provides a rigorous, systematic training based on well planned course curriculum, comprehensive clinical training and ground breaking workouts in applied aspects well oriented with research methodology.

  • Highly qualified faculty coupled with a strong academic advising Committee.
  • The state of art campus facilities like – multimedia enabled lecture & seminar halls, library with digital material as well as online support services, playground as well as Yoga hall.
  • A well developed residency program with, well equipped spacious ladies hostel with attached mess facility is provided for the students
  • A multi-disciplinary curriculum allows students to explore various natural health care modalities.
  • This degree program provides option for a variety of specialization namely, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Psychology, Chiropractice, Wellness Management, Clinical Research, Natural Medicine and Applied Yoga etc.
  • A campus capable to accommodate and cater to a diverse student body from all across the country.


  • To generate technically excellent professional and management manpower relevant to the healthcare requirement of the future.
  • Provide innovative educational services of high quality to enrich student learning and achieve high employment rates.
  • Encourage development of positive attitude, professional culture and an impactful personality in students.
  • To discover and translate new knowledge in the biomedical sciences.
  • To provide cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and compassionate clinical care of the highest quality in Naturopathic Medicine and Yoga.
  • To improve the health of the communities we serve.

Mission statement

To be a premier medical institute for development of next generation of nature cure phsysicians and to transform health and healthcare practices based on lifestyle management,naturopathy and yoga practices

Social Responsibility

To benefit humanity through patient care, education and research. Support the communities in which we live and work.


  • Service – To provide quality healthcare that is integrated, accessible, affordable and appropriate to the community's needs.
  • Education – To educate physicians, scientists and allied health professionals and be a dependable source of health information for our patients and the public.
  • Compassion – To empathize with and demonstrate sensitivity to patients and their families and help them to the best of our ability.
  • Commitment – To continuously improve all processes that facilitate education, support patient care, and research, with a commitment to highest ethical standards in our conduct.
  • Professionalism – To uphold public trust in the healthcare profession by our conduct, standard of service and quality of medical care.
  • Respect – Treat everyone in our diverse community with respect and dignity.
  • Innovation – To be committed to a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity and thereby by dedicate in creating safe healthcare services for all.
  • Teamwork - To foster teamwork, personal responsibility, integrity, innovation, trust and communication within the context of a health care education institution.